Edward Kim

Materials informatics researcher


I'm a researcher in materials informatics, with a focus in applied machine learning. Also, I am a strong believer in open science and a supporter of science outreach efforts.

I enjoy cooking, martial arts (Taekwondo), listening to and playing music, reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, and playing video games. I also love dogs and exploring the outdoors. I received my BSc in Nanoscience from the University of Guelph, and I received my PhD in Materials Science from MIT, where I worked in the Olivetti Group, as a part of the Synthesis Project. Currently, I'm a data scientist at Citrine Informatics, where I work on a variety of materials development efforts and AI research projects.


Most of my time is spent working on various materials informatics research projects. These projects include industrial R&D for novel materials development, as well as research into new AI algorithms for materials discovery.

My PhD thesis was titled "Data-Mining Natural Language Materials Syntheses," and included research on learned data representations, physically-meaningful and interpretable model predictions, robustly evaluating generative models, and adapting NLP algorithms to domain-specific text.

Over the past several years, I've worked on a variety of projects spanning the fields of experimental physics, computational materials science, materials informatics, Python modules, machine learning consulting, and battery electrode design.

Many of the projects I've worked on have included some amount of code, and most of this is available on my Github page. You can find a more general overview of my professional history on LinkedIn.


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